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Thursday, October 28, 2021 02:58 PM
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390) Brenda & Joe Labosky 
Selinsgrove, Pa.
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Nice page. Thanks Paulie for helping us find it.
389) Steve Cronk 
Wichita Kansas 81 Spdwy
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Good to see you at 81 Speedway Wichita Kansas ! I like Your Style and the New Blue car Look Great . Best of Luck and Skill , Elbow's Up and to the Front .
388) David Caldwell 
Mesa, AZ
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Hello, my name is David Caldwell, Iā€™m with All Out Racing. I will be supplying methanol for the race on April 8th at Arizona speedway in Queen Creek. Iā€™m trying to get an idea of how much fuel racers need. If you could message me back with how much you would like to reserve I would appreciate it. We are selling barrels for $175 with barrel exchange or $195 if you need a barrel. I will also, sell by the gallon for $4/ gallon. Thank you for your time and good luck at Yuma. Cell David 623-693-0405 or Tom 480-356-1165.
387) Bryan and Amy 
St. Paul, Alberta
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GREAT to see you in Vegas. Much warmer than when you were in Edmonton!! Had a great time and an even better time in the "uber"!! Thanks for the lift!!
Good luck to you and your team.
386) Charlie 
Central PA
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You and Paul are great people ! Thanks for for your time this weekend ! If I can be of any assistance when your back in PA just let me know . Good luck on the rest of the season !
385) Danielle 
Lake Odessa,MI
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Jason, just want to say you are an AWESOME driver and person. My daughter thinks your the greatest person ever, hoping to see you at Eldora!! Best of luck and stay SAFE!! wink
384) Bonnie 
New Paris, Ohio
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We used to live in Brighton (back in the 90's) and my husband raced gocarts in the series your Dad sponsored (Doug Green). We now live about 45 minutes south of Eldora. Missed the race there earlier this spring. Just ordered our 2016 t-shirts and had to get new stickers for our car. The high quality of the merchandise is always appreciated. We are planning to get to the fall race (4-Crown Nationals) and will try to get a chance to see you. Take care and good luck.
Hello, Miss Judy! Hope you are doing well.
383) Danielle 
I96 Speedway Lake Odessa,MI.
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Hey Jason,
Just want to say your AWESOME people! Not that you don't already know that Lol. Thank you for hanging out that was way cool of you and my daughter now thinks your the coolest person ever šŸ˜Ž Have fun,stay safe, and best of luck to you everywhere you go!! šŸ˜˜
382) S. Sprague 
West Easton, Pa 18042
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Congratulations on the WOO win at I-30.You are a great person and a great driver. Nice to see one of the guys whom works hard all year long get a win in a series that is not easy to win.
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