By: Stevie Kinser


Ohsweken, ON, CAN (July 25,2007) - Jason Sides won his first win of the 2007 World of Outlaws season Wednesday night at Ohsweken Speedway. Sides took the lead from Sam Hafertepe Jr. on lap 14th, in front of a sold-out crowd, to advance on and win the night’s 30-lap A-feature event.

After enduring some tough luck at the past few shows, Sides needed a good finish. After qualifying ninth, to set him on the front of his heat, and finishing second to transfer into the night’s Crane Cams Dash, Jason was feeling confident that he would be able to bring the #7s WTS, Don Ott, Maxim to a strong finish the rest the night. Jason started and finished the six-lap dash in fourth. Sides thought he was going to end as a fourth-place car, and he wasn’t going to complain any if he was. Then the first lap of the A-main started and Sides realized he might just better than fourth.

“We got in the dash and drew a four,” said Sides. “We started fourth and ran fourth. I figured that’s where we were going to end up all night, with us starting fourth in the feature, I was just thinking we were probably going to run fourth, but then we got to second on the first lap.”

Sides completed the first lap in second behind Hafertepe. He was settling in behind Hafertepe just before Jason Meyers wrecked in turn one on lap four causing closed red flag conditions on the track. Sides restarted and found his way along the bottom of the race track. He was able to pass Hafertepe on lap 14 but still how some doubt of how the night would go.
With most other cars running the top of the track, Side kept his line, and 16 laps later he was glad he did.

“We started getting good running around the bottom,” Jason said.
“Hafertepe was running really good. I didn’t know if we’d catch him or not, but he got in the middle and started slipping a little bit and we caught him and were able passed him around the bottom. I thought Haud or Schatz was going to get me. I was just waiting, waiting and waiting for someone to pass me around the top, but I just kept sliding through there and it just seemed to work for us.”

The Sides Motorsports team has already made it safely back into the United States, as they have arrived in Lake Odessa, MI, where they race Friday night. Then they will make the 350-mile drive to Chillicothe, OH, where they race on Saturday night. It’ll be a long week-end for the 7s crew, but no doubt their win at Ohsweken will keep them motivated and working towards their second. Saturday’s race, at K-C Raceway, will be televised on ESPN2 Sunday, July 29th, from 12- 1PM(EST). Be sure to log onto for the latest news and results on Jason’s 2007 season.

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